Congratulations to Andrew Clemons of Clemons Real Estate for closing deals on two key properties along the proposed KC Streetcar extension between Downtown and The Country Club Plaza. Andrew represented Distinct Properties HA LLC as Seller of The Hawthorn (now renamed The Netherland as a nod to it’s origin as the Netherlands Hotel) building at 3835 Main, and represented Exact Partners, LLC on the purchase of the neighboring Monarch building. The two historic buildings are part of a mixed use redevelopment project totaling $30 million that will reshape the face of Midtown.


Caleb Bulland and Ilan Salsberg of Exact Partners, LLC plan to completely renovate the two buildings, along with adding a 7th Story to the Monarch, and build a multi-story parking garage. Their redevelopment plan will bring 152 apartments, retail, restaurants and parking to this stretch of Main Street.

Clemons, who specializes in urban redevelopment within the corridor, says “This corner of 39th & Main is one of the most important intersections between Downtown and the Plaza in terms of addressing blight. Developers like Exact Partners, LLC are taking on projects that will transform an area for decades to come while preserving historically significant buildings.”

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