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Our Buyer Opportunity Network will give you everything you need to succeed in your next real estate investment.

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What is the Clemons Buyer Opportunity Network?


Our commercial agents will help you with every part of the investment process, from understanding the market to working with other brokers and closing your deal.


We keep the end goal in mind, working backwards from it to reverse engineer your goals and help you attain them in the most effective way possible.

We’re big fans of collaboration, so we’ll set clear expectations and ensure clear communication. We’ll also help you build relationships with everyone you need — property managers, lenders, attorneys, due diligence folks — to get a transaction to completion.

We’ve been down the investment road many times, so we’ll let you know of any roadblocks that may come up ahead of time. And when they do rear their heads, we’ll use our skills in resourcefulness and flexibility to help you move past them.

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Kerry Weems
Investment & Multifamily Sales
(816) 803-0795

David Belpedio
Investment & Multifamily Sales
(913) 269-4945

Holly Larrison Mills, MAI, CCIM
Director of Brokerage
(816) 808-2540

Quinn Hahs
Investment & Multifamily Sales
(913) 481-5727

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